This applicant privacy policy (“Policy”) describes how JBC N.V. collects, processes, and transfers individually identifiable information about you (“personal data”). Please read it carefully.


1. Responsible party for personal data processing

JBC N.V. is the responsible party for the processing of your personal data. JBC N.V. may use third parties to process personal data on JBC’s behalf. JBC will establish or confirm appropriate contractual protections to safeguard the personal data that is shared with such third parties.


2. Purposes of processing and types of personal data

JBC N.V. processes personal data for various legitimate business and compliance purposes, as follows:

  • To support the application process using some personal data (name, address, education, …)
  • To support personnel administration using name, address, date of birth, gender (consistent with applicable law and with consent where required), nationality (consistent with applicable law and with consent where required), type of employment contract, bank account number, payment structure (e.g., hourly or salaried), ethnicity (consistent with applicable law and with consent where required), internet address and full-time or part-time status.
  • To conduct employee relations, talent management, and talent mapping functions using name, ID, organization (not to include trade union membership), start date, jurisdiction, language, position, full-time/part-time, gender (if permitted by applicable law and with your consent, if required), ethnicity (if permitted by applicable law and with your consent, if required), email, phone number, performance rating for each qualification, licenses or certification required to hold the position. 
  • To expedite the management of your employment relationship by providing your manager with direct access to limited personal data about you.
  • To fulfill government requirements using information such as tax information, social security information and other statutory information.
  • To conduct monitoring and enforcement of company policies and procedures, and compliance with legal requirements, including issues related to ethics, health and safety. 

The data elements listed above for each purpose are not necessarily a complete list but should be used as a guide and may need to vary from time to time to fit into the corporate needs and strategy.

3. Special kinds of personal data

JBC N.V. will generally not process certain types of personal data that are regulated as highly sensitive under data protection law unless (i) you have consented, or (ii) the processing is required or permitted by applicable law. These special kinds of personal data include data about a person’s religion or philosophy of life, race, political persuasion, health and sexual life, or personal data concerning trade union membership as well as personal data concerning a person’s criminal behavior, or unlawful or objectionable conduct connected with a ban imposed with regard to such conduct.


4. Data security

Access to your personal data is strictly controlled through the extensive system security within the HR system and other tools and systems, and in the Company network. Access is limited to specific human resources professionals and other JBC personnel and their agents who need your personal data to accomplish their jobs (an example is the recruiter or recruitment company).


5. Data storage

JBC will record your personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes specified above, unless additional data is required to fulfill legal obligations. Your data will continue on the HR system for the period in which JBC must use it (for example, to prepare government tax statements), and then be archived or deleted, with specific timeframes determined by local laws and good business practice.


6. Access and other rights

You may have rights under applicable data protection law, including, in some instances rights to view personal data that JBC maintains about you, and to correct or delete inaccurate personal data, and oppose the processing of personal data in some circumstances. If you wish to request access to your personal data or otherwise exercise data protection rights, please contact JBC N.V. as described below. JBC N.V. will respond to your request as soon as reasonably possible, and if your request is not complied with, JBC N.V. will explain to you the reasons for not complying.


7. Questions

If you have questions about your personal data or JBC’s privacy practices, please contact ...

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