Does entrepreneurship run through your veins, and do you dream of opening your own, fashionable clothing store one day? A partnership with JBC might be ideal for you!


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So, how does it work?

As manager of a JBC store, you’ll be working independently. Together with a sales team you’ve picked yourself, you can build a fantastic store. For the practical side of managing your store, you can always rely on the support of various professionals at our JBC head office in Houthalen, such as District Managers and Visual Merchandisers.


What’s so great about it?

You’re constantly dealing with a wide range of people, from customers to the great sales team around you. In addition, you can always call on a professional team of District Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Marketing Specialists etc. for support. They provide the necessary help and training, meaning you can always stay focussed on your biggest passion: fashion. 


So, what’s the catch?

Of course, having final responsibility for the running of a store means you might (occasionally) find yourself in a stressful situation. This might happen when a delivery that’s just arrived needs to be placed on the shelves as soon as possible, or when your store is extremely busy, but you still want to provide great service to each and every customer.


The DNA of a JBC store manager is made of the following things:

  • Stress resistance: you’re always working on three collections at the same time: the old collection, the current collection and the upcoming collection. 
  • Passion for your role: without passion, you won’t get far. This is not a nine-to-five job.
  • A nose for trends:  you’ve got a fine-tuned radar for spotting and predicting the latest trends.
  • Independence: you’ll constantly be faced with difficult decisions, and you’ll sometimes need to deal with them alone.


Have you got what it takes?

Apply now! Would you like to find out more? Contact our enthusiastic colleague Inge Strauven (011 60 88 52 or ...).


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