Our stunning stores are probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think about working for JBC. But did you know that we are also always on the lookout for new talent with various profiles for the different departments at our head office in Houthalen? Read on to find out what each of them do:


back to top Buying

Buying is our largest department and the beating heart of JBC. This is where our stunning collections are designed, and materials are sourced and bought - always with respect for people and the environment. Designers, Product Buyers, Merchandise Planners and Garment Technologists put their heart and soul into our clothing in this vibrant department.


back to top CRM

Customer Relationship Management The digital era we live in provides easy access to an incredible wealth of information: customer data, market data, sales figures, ... The CRM department provides a clear and transparent overview of all this information, enabling the rest of our organisation to use these data to forge paths into the future.


back to top CSR

Banner Fairwear We care for fair! The CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department makes sure that all our processes are executed with respect for people and the environment, allowing us to bring honest clothing to the marketplace. You can read more about our sustainable activities and fashion 


back to top Customer Care Centre

002 The customer is king - now more so than ever before. That’s why our Customer Care Centre will do everything it can to allow our customers to shine. Friendly advice, help with an order, or a small gesture: there’s nothing this department wouldn’t do to put a smile on our customers’ faces.


back to top Human Resources

Getting the right employees into the right positions in our organisation, paying them correctly and supporting the development of their talents... all taken care of with a smile! Our Human Resources department ensures our employees can make the most of every working day.


back to top Finance

Finance Department Our Finance department brings everything together through numbers.  Aside from accounting, the department also translates financial data into business information. In brief, Finance provide all the information our management need to support their decisions.


back to top ICT

The boys (and girl) at this lively department take good care of every bit and byte JBC needs to run its business. They provide the right digital support to enable everyone at JBC to perform his or her role to the best of their ability. In addition, they also guarantee the smooth operation of all technologies in our stores and at our head office (both online and offline).


back to top Legal

Property management, intellectual property rights, contract management... these are just a few of the tasks that keep our Legal Eagle busy every day.


back to top Logistics (Administration & Warehouse)

In collaboration with our partners, the Logistics department organises and manages transport from our (global) suppliers to our distribution centre (DC) in Houthalen. When the goods arrive, our entire logistics team comes together to ensure they are picked, packed and sorted according to JBC’s quality standards before moving on to our stores. To ensure this process is carefully monitored, our Logistics department has an administrative team to take care of planning, manage the logistics teams in the DC and make flexible adjustments in response to changing circumstances.


back to top Marketing

DSC_4302 Our Marketing department ensures we reach as many (potential) customers as possible, and that our messages fully represent JBC's identity. We communicate with our customers through several online and offline channels to promote our fantastic range of clothing, and are supported in this process by all kinds of great actions in our physical and online stores.


back to top Reception

The ladies on reception are the first point of contact at JBC’s head office. They provide a warm welcome to all visitors to our Houthalen premises.


back to top Sales

The Sales team consists of sales managers and district managers working closely with our independent store managers.  They keep an eye on what’s going well and not so well on the shop floor, and make the necessary adjustments from our head office in Houthalen.


back to top Technics

Whether it’s a broken light in a store or a technical fault in our distribution centre: our Technical team is always there to help. They operate both in our stores and at our head office. All technical faults are reported to the team, who will solve them as quickly as possible.


back to top Visual Team

DSC_4250 This creative department  takes care of every last detail in the design of our window displays and stores, always in line with our JBC identity. Their work is the first thing our customers see, even before they step into our stores.


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