Do you want to protect yourself in an ecological way against a drencher? Then choose a raincoat of pet bottles! The JBC team designed a durable, water-repellent pet bottle coat that even looks good.

Pet Jacket


Ecologically and stylishly responsible


The pet bottle jacket belongs to the I AM collection, which is committed to create clothing with sustainable materials and sustainable production. The jacket itself is made of 100% recycled polyester. This will be achieved by transforming the PET bottles into polyester wires that will be integrated into the fabric. This method provides a shiny and waterproof fabric.


Processing of pet bottles is becoming popular in the textile industry. Only a few steps are needed to convert the PET (or polyethylene terephthalate) to recycled polyester. Much better for the environment, especially if you know that ordinary polyester is made of petroleum. In addition, the waste bin slips as a pet bottle gets a second life in clothes. By way of illustration: one durable JBC jacket consists of twenty to twenty-five pet bottles.


Also on the fashion barometer the raincoat scores high points. The glossy deep gray color lights up in a subtle graphic motif. And the finish of the jacket is very sophisticated, with zippers and ropes in the same dark gray. Thanks to the sturdy pet bottle material, the rain jacket is well water repellent and does not allow to let through any wind.


The jacket is available from now on at all JBC stores and at It’s available from size 122 to size 164 and costs 59.90 euros.

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