It all started like this... In 1975, ex-professional road cyclist Jean Baptiste Claes opens his first store in Schulen.  Back then, JBC was a typical Flemish “Amerikaanse stock”: a type of store that originally sold surplus US army stock, but evolved into a general discount store offering anything from trousers and skirts to coffee pots and teacups.



 Ann and Bart - Jean’s children - join the team. JBC keeps on growing, and

 at the start of the 1990s, the focus shifts more and more to fashion. We start designing our own collections in Houthalen.



Our collaboration with Studio 100 gets off to a start:  a partnership that is still flourishing 25 years later. In the meantime, JBC grows into one of the biggest fashion retailers in Belgium and Luxembourg. JBC stores in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany are mainly found at out-of-town retail parks with ample parking, but we have also gained a significant foothold on the high street and in shopping centres. 



A busy year for JBC: the first kids store opens in Germany, 200 employees move into the new head office, our 80-strong distribution centre expands and JBC invests in omnichannel retail with the launch of its online store. In addition, JBC gets a sister company: Mayerline is taken over by Claes Retail Group (or CRG, JBC’s parent company).



... We keep striving to provide sustainable fashion with respect for people and the environment. Because “we care for fair”! Our membership of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that takes action to improve working conditions in the fashion industry, is just one of the many sustainability initiatives undertaken by JBC. Together, we are committed to provide honest clothing at honest prices.

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